Neutron Drive: The cloud drive of the future

Say goodbye to data losses, slow syncing, and paying heavily to have all the space you need and

yes to blazing speed, optimum security, and innovative collaboration with Neutron Drive.


Ultra-data security

Losing your progress or data due to crashes, sudden downtime, or forgetting to save on the go is so yesterday. Now, with Neutron Drive, individuals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes can enjoy quicker and faster file syncing, uploads, and downloads on a platform powered by the blockchain and the IPFS protocol for ultra-data retention, acquisition, and security.

Collaboration like a pro

Go ahead and share your ideas with the rest of your team in real-time while at home, the mall, or on transit with Neutron Drive. This cloud data storage comes with the right features and environment to foster deep and productive collaboration amongst teams and groups on various projects and events. Now you can access or share your ideas as they occur anytime, anywhere, through your desired device and platform.

Unlimited storage

Having the right environment and features to store, retrieve, and operate on your files as needed is one thing, having the desired space to store and run your files is another. Neutron Drive comes with unlimited storage space for a token alongside other amazing plans that fit perfectly the needs of our individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses in search of the right support to jump-start their business processes.